viernes, marzo 03, 2006

Mystery Girl

The one who knows she's misunderstood
The one who knows everybody is confused about her solitude
The one who knows that even the silence is truth
and the dark hugs her soul...

This is not my time
This is just a stage
This is just BW
This is a girl waiting

4 comentarios:

Xand dijo...

Como que el tema de la espera está de moda... Al menos en vos y yo...

Citrus dijo...

Ja... Mystery Girl,I'm looking 4 U.

Que hay de tí Akxi... onde has estado?

akxi dijo...

Espera... misterio


Ese misterio es el q, la mayor parte del tiempo, yo misma busco... para entender mis propios tesoros y talvez así encontrar paz.


buggzee_bunny dijo...

Very touching & nice!!

I love ur blog skin.....may i know where i can find one thats similar to urs or other skins??